Dreamr World (2)

As fate would have it, a council of sagacious figures arose from the ashes, embodying the wisdom and foresight of their realms. Among their ranks were learned scholars, revered elders, and visionary leaders who recognized the gravity of the situation. Amidst the grandeur of a sprawling hall nestled at the very core of the majestic bridge, a gathering of esteemed individuals convened. This magnificent space served as the nexus for discussions and deliberations, where the delicate balance between progress and venerable traditions was meticulously maintained. It was here that the sacred duty of preserving heritage found its fervent champions. All seemed to thrive within this harmonious sanctuary until the unthinkable occurred, shattering the tranquil equilibrium.

In an instant, a cataclysmic blast rent the air, extinguishing the lives of the leaders, scholars, and revered elders who had convened. The cause of this devastating event remained shrouded in mystery, veiled by a fog of uncertainty that clung to the air. The two realms, caught in the throes of grief and suspicion, pointed accusing fingers at one another, fueling the flames of discord. As tension mounted, their once-solid bond faltered, and the bridge, both symbolic and physical, that connected them was violently sundered.

In the aftermath, cooperation became but a distant memory, fading into the annals of forgotten history. Generations passed, with each one bearing the weight of their realm's legacy. They existed as separate entities, their paths diverging like rivers carving their own distinct valleys. The echoes of a lost unity reverberated through time, a haunting reminder of the irreversible divide that had swallowed their shared destiny. Yet, even in the wake of such devastating separation, the realm's heritage endured, a flickering flame of resilience passed down from one generation to the next, like an unwavering torch in the night.

Generations passed, and the realm's legacy continued, but the once harmonious coexistence had been shattered by the tragic event that took the lives of the leaders, scholars, and elders. The absence of their guidance allowed mistrust and animosity to fester between the inhabitants of the metropolis and the castle.

Blame was quickly assigned, each realm pointing fingers at the other. The advanced city accused the castle of an act of sabotage, while the medieval inhabitants believed the metropolis was responsible for the devastating blast. The bridge, once a symbol of unity, now lay in ruins, a stark reminder of the severed ties between the realms.

Without the bridge's connection, the citizens of each realm retreated into their own spheres, guarding their knowledge and traditions with a newfound sense of suspicion. The metropolis delved deeper into its technological advancements, pushing the boundaries of innovation without the guidance of the castle's wisdom. The castle, in turn, retreated further into its medieval customs, wary of the perceived threats that technology posed to their cherished way of life.

Over time, the realms became isolated, their inhabitants losing touch with the enchanting possibilities that had once thrived in their shared existence. The river, once a symbol of cultural exchange, flowed quietly between the abandoned shores, whispering forgotten tales of unity and cooperation.

However, not all hope was lost. There were those among the younger generation who longed for the reunification of the realms, yearning to bridge the divide and restore the magical harmony that had once defined their world. They were the dreamers, the seekers of truth, who believed that the answers to the tragedy lay hidden in the ashes of the past.

Within the sprawling metropolis, a promising young engineer by the name of Ehan, alongside his steadfast companions, succumbed to an unyielding obsession. This collective of driven individuals, bound by an insatiable desire to unearth the concealed veracity, found themselves immersed in the aftermath of the cataclysmic blast. Empowered by cutting-edge technology and a relentless curiosity, Ehan embarked on a profound quest, delving into the depths of archives, meticulously scouring ancient texts, and relentlessly seeking fragments of forgotten wisdom that held the potential to illuminate the tragedy.

As their tireless efforts bore fruit, a revelation of staggering proportions emerged, challenging preconceived notions. Contrary to prevailing beliefs, the devastating explosion had not been a result of calculated sabotage but rather a harrowing consequence of an experiment gone awry—a malfunctioning experimental device stood as the culprit. The anomalous nature of this occurrence baffled Ehan, for these technologies had stood as paragons of reliability, never faltering before in their operation.

This startling discovery cast an ethereal veil of bewilderment upon Ehan's relentless pursuit for truth. They found themselves entwined in a web of questions, their thoughts tracing the enigmatic contours of the incident. How could an apparatus that had consistently excelled suddenly become an agent of ruin? The answers eluded them, nestled within the depths of the unknown, beckoning Ehan towards further exploration. Emboldened by their quest, a renewed determination surged within Ehan's heart, propelling them ever closer to the elusive truth that lay hidden in the aftermath of that fateful blast.

Beyond the river's expanse, a young apprentice named Norah, accompanied by her faithful comrades, found themselves amidst the sacred confines of the castle's esteemed library. It was within these hallowed halls that their collective journey began, driven by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Guided by the allure of bygone narratives, Norah and her friends delved into the depths of the ancient chronicles and weathered manuscripts that graced the shelves, unearthing fragments of wisdom that held the power to reshape their realm's history.

Immersed in the rich tapestry of the past, their diligent efforts yielded invaluable clues that echoed the resounding truth. The evidence they unearthed painted a vivid tableau, contrasting starkly against the backdrop of blame and mistrust that had long cast a shadow over their realm. United by a shared purpose, Norah and her loyal companions pieced together the fragments of forgotten lore, gradually revealing a new narrative that had the potential to shatter the age-old perceptions and rebuild their realm upon foundations of understanding and unity.

To be continued...

ত্রিভুজ আলম

ত্রিভুজ আলম

কাজ করি তথ্যপ্রযুক্তি নিয়ে, বাদবাকী সব ভালো লাগা থেকে করা। নতুন কিছু শিখতে ভালো লাগে। গেমিং, বই পড়া, ফটোগ্রাফি, ভ্রমণ করা হয় ভালো লাগার জায়গা থেকে। আর ভালো লাগে চিন্তা করতে। সেসব চিন্তার কিছু কিছু প্রকাশ করবো এখানে।

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